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How does Queen Street CFA Rewards work?

When you join our tiered membership program Queen Street CFA Rewards, you can
start earning points every time you order the food you love.

Earn points

Receive points with every qualifying purchase at Chick-fil-A Queen Street West. Receive more points per dollar as you reach new membership tiers.

Receive Rewards

Use points to redeem available rewards.

Redeem benefits

Receive additional benefits as you reach new membership tiers, such as surprise rewards from us, insider content, bonus point challenges and more.

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You can receive points for your next qualifying purchase by becoming a Queen Street CFA Rewards member today.

Participation is subject to Chick-fil-A Queen Street West's Terms & Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy

Queen Street CFA Rewards membership benefits

Tap the labels to view our four membership tiers and see how your benefits grow as you accumulate more points.

Still have questions?

Review our most frequently asked questions below

Queen Street CFA Rewards is Chick-fil-A Queen Street West’s tiered membership program that gives you the ability to receive points with every qualifying purchase exclusively at our Queen Street West location, increasing as you progress through tiers. Members can receive points by making qualifying purchases at our Queen Street location by scanning their Membership QR code. Points can be used to redeem available rewards, and members can advance through tiers based on annual spend. It’s free to join, and anyone who creates an account is eligible to participate.

You can create an account by downloading the Queen Street CFA Rewards app or by visiting the website https://rewards.cfaqueenstwest.ca

You can create an account with your email address or phone number. Enter the required information to complete account creation. 

Upon account creation, an email welcoming you to Queen Street CFA Rewards will be sent to your email address. You must verify your email address using the link in the welcome email to begin receiving benefits. Users with unverified accounts will not be able to use their account to receive points.

As a Queen Street CFA Rewards member, you receive points with every qualifying purchase at our location. Once you reach a certain number of points, you progress to the next tier. Member tier status is determined annually, and a member must meet the requirements for a particular tier status each year or the status will not be maintained.

Unfortunately, our system is unable to process transactions that were not scanned at the time of purchase.